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mindfulness in schools

The Still Mind offers practical, evidence-based training to schools, providing a range of positive outcomes for teachers and students.

For teachers - the development of mindful awareness has been proven to reduce stress, alleviate burnout, cultivate emotional resilience and self-compassion. Our 8 week course is accepted as RPL for the highly acclaimed ’Mindful Educators Essentials Online Program’, giving teachers a structured mindfulness curriculum for K - 12. We can support teachers with this online program, facilitating the required role plays and discussions in a 6 week group course.

For students - the development of greater focus, attention, social-emotional skills and confidence.

Results from an 8 week MBSR course showed participants experienced numerous long-term benefits both inside and outside the classroom. We offer teacher workshops and a range of 4 to 8 week courses.

We teach students the Mindful Schools K - 12 Curriculum, an evidence-based program used by thousands of educators worldwide. The programs use developmentally appropriate language and teach skills to navigate a range of challenges including:

  • improving concentration and focus in class and in sport
  • skills to work with difficult emotions and moods
  • techniques to manage stress and anxiety and the pressure of exams
  • methods to navigate the pressures of adolescence
  • increased optimism and the confidence to pursue their own goals

“Really loved the course, such a privilege to be able to participate” - RNSH School, 2016

Contact us to discuss how we can bring the benefits of mindfulness to your school with our programs for teachers and students.

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