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mindfulness at work

Our evidence-based mindfulness training offers skills that can be applied to real life challenges and opportunities. At work this can result in increased productivity, clearer decision making and a healthier culture within the organisation.

NEW in 2018 Drop in & De-stress - Lunchtime Wellbeing Series
Recharge, reduce stress and feel refreshed. We make it easy for you, bringing the program to your premises – before, during or after work.
Our program is about corporate wellness, designed to improve focus and concentration, healthy self-confidence and morale. The practices are engaging and practical, supporting a happier and healthier workplace.
This is a unique and flexible program that will meet your training objectives.
Our 4 weeks course outline:
1 - Mindfulness Meditation
2 - Mindful Movement with Qigong
3 - iRest - Integrative Restoration
4 - Laughter Yoga
See here for more information about Lunchtime Wellbeing. Inspire your team. Contact us for more information about what's possible for your workplace.

Our courses are based on the highly acclaimed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. Developed by leaders in mindfulness, it’s efficacy is supported by three decades of compelling research and results. Globally recognised, it has been practiced at Google and many other organisations. The course consists of eight weekly 2 hour sessions or can be scheduled to suit your needs.

Participants have reported a range of benefits including:

  • enhanced focus, clarity and concentration
  • improved performance and productivity
  • greater emotional and physical resilience
  • less stress, anger and mood disturbance
  • increased capacity to adapt to change and respond to challenges
  • improved interpersonal communication skills
  • improved decision making capability
  • general improvement in overall health and vitality
  • increased job satisfaction and a decrease in absenteeism

Every organisation is different so we offer shorter programs and introductory workshops -

Essential Mindfulness is an example of an 8 week program. Each week key topics are explored to understand mindfulness and how to apply this to the challenges of work and life. Discover resilience, clarity and a range of inner resources to support stress-hardiness and improved performance.
Click here for more on Essential Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Workshops offer an introduction to the benefits of the training. These can vary in length from 75 minutes to half day workshops, giving participants a balance of theory, practice and useful techniques to take back to work.

We understand the challenges and demands of the modern workplace. Whether your priorities are stress management, developing resilience, team building or professional development please contact us.

Watch two videos featuring Dr Kabat-Zinn and a Mindfulness workshop with Google:

A short excerpt
The full 72 minute workshop

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